Saturday, May 10, 2008

Why Change?

Why change literature? Why should you want to?

1.) It makes sense for the individual in any field or endeavor to be at the forefront of innovation and change.

2.) Once you see that literary change is inevitable, it makes sense to embrace it.

3.) Literary change is in its infancy. You can jump right to the forefront.

4.) When a field like literature is so skewed toward the privileged, change is moral and socially necessary.

5.) There is no art and has never been an art that does not change.

6.) Revolution, once begun, bounces toward the other extreme. Moderates, the Lafayettes, Kerenskys, and Pat Boones, are left behind.

7.) The longer change is delayed the greater the change will be.

8.) Those who require every question answered, every loophole filled, every guarantee given before they'll move their chess piece aren't agents of change. They're not makers of history. Change at its beginning demands a heavy portion of intuition and at least a partial leap of faith.

9.) Change is exciting.


Anonymous said...

Not getting it, are you genius? You don't have a new solution. You're a part of the old establishment -- the court jester who nags and stings, but only ends up paying homage to the powers that be because you don't have anything else to babble about. If you really had something to offer you wouldn't be spending all your time talking about the establishment, you'd be offering us your new revolutionary literature. But you don't have any literature in you. You can't even write a coherent sentence. You claiming to have the solution to the sad state of literature is like you claiming that the solution to boring pop music and that it's to listen only to musicians who don't know how to play any instruments, or that the solution to world hunger is for everyone to eat their own shit. You can't write or read. Show us this great new literature of yours, or go home. You say you want a public forum to take on the establishment champions and show them your big guns; well this is it, bro, you've had this forum and a bunch of others for a long time, and nobody gives a shit. You've already failed. No revolution is ever coming out of you. I hereby declare, that if King Wanklas ever becomes a successful writer, I will invite him to publicly urinate on my head.

King said...

What vitriol! Of course, a big part of literature's task in this extremely noisy society is stirring people in some way-- not putting them to sleep. That objective is everpresent with me.
Re your "just write" argument.
The task of any outsider, including the underground writer shut out of normal channels, is HOW to get his writing to readers.
How will they find out about it?
Sorry, retreating into a cave just doesn't do it.
I've tried various techniques to accomplish this mission, with varying success, my blogs the latest but certainly not the last.
Re revolution. Usually it's nothing more than being positioned for revolution when it comes down the pike. I suggest you read Solzhenitsyn's "Lenin in Zurich" sometime.

K.I.N.G. Wenclas said...

p.s. So you can rest easy about my writing, Overdog, I've started a blog which will be just for my writing. Check out the link at Happy Writing.
Isn't this great?

Anonymous said...

I know about your writing King. It's shit. Never going to be anything but shit. You're shit, so quit.