Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Better Store

The main key to my plan will be a better selling vehicle. A better store. The big chains are hugely vulnerable. They do many things wrong, such as inefficient use of space, too many products, no focus, patrons not compelled to buy, and so on. Ebooks are now taking away a portion of their target bourgie audience. However, simply putting up a standard indy bookstore isn’t good enough. The New Store will have to be original in every way. It will have to be so successful it can be easily duplicated. This can be done. First, you need a line or two of exciting products. You need good location and the right targeted customers. Then you need to hype it.

TIMING: The timing is right. Store rents even in a trendy area like Philly’s South Street have come down. The trick is to catch the right moment, as the retail economy is about to pick up but as yet really hasn’t.

The right plan makes fast headway. I proved this with my promo strategy for the Underground Literary Alliance. For my next campaign I’ve looked at other aspects of the lit biz, and will get those aspects working equally well. Every aspect will feed the others, and be fed in turn. Classic synergy. The result will be the conquest of American literature.