Saturday, May 17, 2008

Change and the Personal

The biggest weakness of the status quo mindset, starkly obvious, is that it wants to personalize everything. Therefore, criticisms of a system or bureaucracy must be happening for personal reasons. Criticism of Writer A can't possibly be for his corrupt actions. This is incomprehensible. It has to, somehow, be personal. In a society where the concept of altruism has been obliterated, the "real" motivations of the critic are then studied. What has he to gain? What has he gained? What are we missing? It couldn't possibly be ideas themselves which motivate the person. The system's apparatchiks operate on such a base, cynical level that understanding any larger concept, any greater force or historical current, is beyond them.

Which is their great weakness. To think of all things, all ideas, all happenings solely on the level of the personal is a giant handicap. But there it is. They give themselves away time and again. Their feeble mentality gropes for ways to understand what I'm doing. So devoid of sense of how ideas and events interact over time; so lacking in reading of business or history; they search for answers in characters from movies! "Oh, Rupert Pupkin." The dilemma in their brains is resolved. They can go intellectually back to sleep.

They stumble through a fog of their own arrogance and complacency. One can put an idea directly in front of them; one inch over their heads, in the form of a marquee sign, with neon lights, and they won't see it.

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