Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Open Letter to Creative Writing Instructors

All art-- for that matter, everything in life-- is in a process of constant change. Art can survive only by continually questioning itself and opening itself to questions from outside, to become a willing participant in the fact and necessity of change.

You the instructor do your students a disservice if you close them off from contrary ideas regarding your art. This includes, and especially includes, the most radical and challenging ideas.

You'll find some of those ideas at this blog.

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Anonymous said...

No. You won't find ideas at this dog-shit hell-hole of a dump-ass blog. There's nothing here but whining and driveling from a dimwit hack who can't write, can't read, doesn't know he's the same as every other know-nothing idiot who's ever sat in his bedroom wishing someone would listen to his bleating. You got noting Kinko (hey that's good -- Kinko's Wenclas -- copying everyone without ever knowing it). The reason literature has never had time for you or the millions of other losers like you is that you are worthless and pointless and can't generate anything of aesthetic value. Give up.