Monday, May 5, 2008

A Kinder Approach?

How does one change the mentality of the literary establishment using gentle means?

Will New York, Vanity Fair, Vogue,, voluntarily cease their endless worship of money, their celebrations of snobbery?

Will the publishing companies, on their own, stop force-feeding young people snob-based garbage, to give them instead works reflecting this nation's democratic ideals?

Will American literature, by itself, with its novels, stories, poems, and criticism, return to its days of scope, relevance, understanding, compassion, and greatness?

My experience is that the minds of the Overclass which dominates our literature are made of unmoving concrete. I'd love to be proved wrong.


Anonymous said...

How does one change them with your means? Will multinational corporations quiver and fold because a blogger is insulting them? Will the readers of serious fiction switch over to your preferences because you tell them to? Will those who have abandoned fiction return to it because you announce over and over that writers they've never heard of suck? Will your own shrinking support suddenly become a unified majority because you'd like it to happen? Just because other methods are ineffectual doesn't mean yours work.

King said...

Oh, but they HAVE worked at times-- panicking the Overdogs. There's a way to collapse the whole rotten structure-- by finding the right brick to remove. I'll be posting about this on my Demi-Puppet blog upcoming.
The huge advantage I have over everyobne else in literature is that I've read a lot of history-- and understand how dropping one active person into a situation upsets the entire apple cart. (I'll be doing a brief essay on that as well.)
As far as returning to fiction-- or to anything-- it's very doable, with the right personality to present to the world.
Case example: the way the audience for popular music began multiplying and multiplaying with the advent of rock n roll-- which began with some obscure over-the-top characters who at the time were considered more to be curiosities than musicians.
Or look at golf, how one guy in the late 90's doubled the entire business.
"Literature," because of the constipated lethargy of those who run it, is in a depressed state.
With the right promotion and writers, the pie could easily triple or quadruple.
Believe it or don't believe it, o ye of little faith, but I do.

Anonymous said...

Elvis and Tiger Woods didn't spend their time trashing their fellow artists and athletes.

K.I.N.G. Wenclas said...

Elvis was thoroughly trashed himself.
His music implcitly trashed the status quo.
Tiger trashes his peers continually on the golf course.
Words aren't the tool of his trade. He uses the tools he has, in his golf bag, to get his message across.
He does it quite well.
Should I use other examples?
As I'm completely shut out, then I have to make noise.
As Jack Johnson made noise, following and trashing his opponents across the globe. He followed the heavyweight champ, Tommy Burns, to England and Australia, trashing him from ringside, trash talk, until he finally goaded Burns into doing battle for real.
To his credit, Burns met him inside the ropes, and then Johnson trashed him with his gloves.
Such is the way of life.
Those who block progress deserve to be shoved aside, to be trashed.
Can you or any of your peers stand up to me with words?
Of course not.
It's why you're anonymous to begin with.
Very brave with identity hidden, but in truth you're terrified.
Get your best writer out here.
I don't have a clue who'd that be. Care to nominate someone?
Push the shaking figure out, novelist, critic, or poet. I'll meet the person within the ropes of a radio show, or a public stage, or of this blog.
Will it happen?
Of course not, because the literary establishment consists of intellectual cowards and artistic frauds.