Friday, October 1, 2010

What to Listen To

No one serious about marketing their art listens to National Public Radio-- unless you're looking for ways to get on it. Otherwise, it's bad radio. The network survives by begging for money. Its audience isn't the general public-- they don't try to reach the general public-- but the rich people who support it, from genteel listeners who answer the appeals to the corporations and foundations who give much larger amounts. Do you think NPR will in anyway rock the boat by presenting something which would too much counter their base of support? Do they have an incentive to noisy up their tepid style and programming? They survive by lulling the audience to sleep. That's their purpose.

I'd suggest instead that you catch instead the Colin Cowherd sports show on ESPN, found normally on AM radio at 10 am Eastern time. All you have to do is catch the first twenty minutes of it to catch his insights on the business he's in, on personalities and teams. The business and marketing knowledge is intermittent and incidental, but they're there. This is a guy who knows what he's talking about. Listen to him to hear what he says, but also how he presents his own product, how he makes sports interesting, informative, and relevant.

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