Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My "Rants"

Given that those at the forefront of the underground rebellion have not been welcomed, before or after I began making noise, it's hard to argue that my "rants" (arguments) are the cause. Many of the best underground writers, like Jack Saunders, Fred Woodworth, and Bill Blackolive, have been shut out for decades. Jack's efforts, for one, have always been exceedingly polite. It didn't do him any good at all. The only attention he's EVER received by the mainstream media, in fact, happened as a result of the ULA's vociferous noise.

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K.I.N.G. Wenclas said...

One of the literary establishment's own contradictions is the idea that underground writers-- representing the most original and creative writing in America, because it takes place outside the box-- should be content to remain forever shut out and ignored.
The coteries and cliques of Overdogs would never apply this idea to themselves. They would never be satisfied circulating their words "only among friends"-- even though
A.) the solipsism of their work makes this their perfect audience.
B.) they have the means, the independent income, as members of the leisure class, most of them, to live and write without sustenance or notice.
Instead the mass of articles and hype about their books, favorable reviews in every kind of establishment journal, in most cases will prod on the most tepid sales. (See Rick Moody's career in this regard.)