Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Dilemma

This is what I'm expected to do:
I'm expected to serve the underground relentlessly and selflessly, permanently and eternally, yet take no credit for it. In fact, I should remain anonymous.

At the same time I should stand ready to be blamed for all underground setbacks.

I should receive no credit for projects and press I initiate, unless said projects fall apart.

I should stand ready to serve all members of the underground, at any time, immediately, and my every own action should be subject to veto by any member of the underground. I should carry responsibility for every flaw of said underground, yet have no corresponding authority to correct those flaws.

In relations with the mainstream, and with status quo apologists, in debate and argument, I'm expected to always be properly polite. I should never try too hard to win an argument, even if outnumbered 10 to 1; even if my opponents, by their own words, are "piling on." Satire and sarcasm are off the table for me. In short, I should fight with both arms behind my back, and make sure that my statements are constructed to be unprovocative and inocuous, so that no one would want to read them. As bland as the lit-world itself.

At the same time, all style of invective, insults, and personal attacks from opponents are allowed.

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