Sunday, October 14, 2012

Living versus Dead Art

THE GREAT IRONY about the treatment of the ULA dished out by literati, labeling us as “bad” writers, is that within their snobbery and arrogance they fail to see that THEY are the purveyors of a dead style of art which has all but killed American literature. The academy poem is dead art and the literary short story all but dead. Both forms have chased away audiences and given literature a bad name. Those who most strongly defend literary writing are dullards unable to look outside the cardboard walls of their indoctrination to see where the future lies. I can’t name one established writer—sorry, not one—who in mental attitude and intelligence is above the level of mediocrity. Instinctively they know this, which is why they refuse to debate ideas with me. They’re frightened, conformist sheep.

Beyond their mediocrity, they’re typical apparatchiks lacking character and integrity—which is how they can adopt stances in defense of “the people” or “the 99%” or “democracy” that they don’t for a moment believe. The phoniness is so widespread it no longer surprises me.

Such a phony literary scene deserves literary insurgency. The task of a new ULA will be to promote the pop/populist literary future, but also to find and create sympathizers to our cause throughout the country. A grass roots movement able to rise up to expose the phonies wherever encountered.

We need to be literary insurgents and walk with the boldness and belief of insurgents.

Case in point: I note Bissell is giving a reading in Beverly Hills October 22nd. We used to have a core of sympathizers in Cali. Can we still find some? Does our list of contacts remain? Or do we do the slow job of creating a new list?

In dealing with the arrogant fakes who for the moment still wield control over the lit scene, our major weapon need only be the truth. Speak the truth about their corruption and their dead art. They’re like cockroaches who scatter at the light of day.

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