Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Doing the Gruntwork

Don’t think concerned parties could snap their fingers and ULA 2.0 would be ready to launch. We’re a long way from that point, even if we go ahead with the project. We’re a long way from making any significant noise. Right now all we could do is lay the groundwork for the noise.

We’d first need to decide on a compact, impactful image, then recruit a handful of new members who could fit into that image and other requirements of the team. Like commitment and loyalty. For the first version of ULA I chose the core team carefully, searching out zeensters who had talent and personality, along with manifest commitment to underground (team) ideas. We’d have to have that again. Once the journey begins and you do receive some attention, the stress on the team becomes great. If you find yourself portrayed in widespread media (Village Voice, say), the portrayal of you and the team will usually be a stereotype. (Due to the nature of today’s media the coverage is inevitably a stereotype.) You enter new territory. Everyone you know begins to read about you doing strange and nasty things. Attack dogs from the other side are unleashed. (The malicious Mr. Bissell only one of those obedient dogs.) Etc. I remember the ULA’s first press conference. Meeting Plimpton and his staff was intimidating for a few ULAers. This is inevitable. We’d have to understand, in advance, every aspect of how the lit world would react to a new ULA campaign and how we’d react to it.

Staying obscure isn’t stressful. Attempting to break out of that obscurity is extremely stressful.

Every part of the new campaign would have to fit completely into the presentation, but also be, according to our lights, of top level quality—because it will be scrutinized.

I’m going to emphasize again that I’ll not be part of any half-assed campaign. I’m interested only in going all the way.

Fortunately we’re a long way from launch point, so we have time to think about things.

Don’t expect results yet, even if we somehow go ahead. Next year: maybe.

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