Friday, February 20, 2009


One of my frustrations in this campaign has been trying to get the ULA's current #1, Tin Pot, to understand and live in the 21st century. Far more important than attaining space on bookstore shelves is gaining space in people's HEADS. This is especially crucial to a writers group with few resources. It makes no sense to expend enormous energy fighting for an infinitesimal percentage of bookshelf space-- 0.0001%-- when you can more cost-effectively have as big a media/perception profile as that of gargantuan industry book conglomerates.

Yes, books have a role to play. They're great as a secondary tool in the overall cause. But only that. As I've oft-stated, create a large enough cultural profile and the books will take care of themselves.

Writers of all kinds have the mentality of children. They hold a romantic 19th century belief in the magic power of a book. If they can only get published! Why, like Youngblood Hawke, all legendary benefits of fame, drink, riches, and women will automatically follow. But in an age when everyone is published, the published book itself means little, other than as way to prove to Mom and Dad, Aunt Ethel, Uncle Fred, and Fluffy the Cat that, yes, you really are a writer.

Exponentially more important today than the book is its accompanying buzz.

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