Saturday, January 17, 2009

A New King Wenclas?

As I'm forced by circumstance to retool my strategy, it may be a good time to assess and alter the King Wenclas brand. I'm not quite the fire-breather many believe. What I have are fresh ideas for reviving literature-- and unshakeable belief in those ideas. (This more than anything throws people.) My task is to show writers from top to bottom that these ideas are timely and that they'll work.

To do that I plan to alter my tactics.
1.) More emphasis on this blog, for it to be the on-line focus of the ideas I offer. (AttackingtheDemiPuppets will be retained for exposing corruption and answering opponents.)
2.) Better clarity in explaining what the underground cause is about-- why we represent the true mainstream of American literature.
3.) An off-line newsletter, if I have time for it, focused on ideas. This is a return to my roots-- "zeening"-- my original outlet for writing.
4.) An oft-made but seldom-kept promise to myself: producing more of my own fiction and poetry.
5.) I leave open the option of promoting writers-- would love to discover and announce great new talent. Joint ventures between King Wenclas Promotions and others aren't out of the question, as long as my work is protected.

In conclusion, I believe we're entering an exciting time for literature. Change is upon us. I hope to be part of it.

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Toast said...

Who believes you're a fire-breather? Everyone thinks you're a fart-gurgler, or a drool-dribbler.