Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rightists and Leftists

In the same way the Right was taken over by empire-minded neo-cons, America's Left is compromised by elitist globalists with no interest in their own nation's working class, which is how they're able to support policies and beliefs (illegal immigration; global warming) destructive of that class. It's been no surprise to discover that many self-proclaimed liberals have never purchased an American union-made car. They're disdainful of anything which reeks too much of "America": American identity; American culture.

Solzhenitsyn pointed out that the first victim of Russian Communism was Russia itself. Likewise, the first casualty of American-spurred globalism is America. This is seen in our literature.

Which brings us back to the jet-set lit-journal N+1. It's not an American literary journal at all. In the words of one of their contributors, Gloria Fisk, they write for "the global audience of privileged citizens of comfortably secular nations."

Sorry, but my grandparents didn't come here simply to be part of the globe. They were escaping the globe. Like so many others, they came to transform themselves into Americans. Americans! A word which once meant something special, something unique. The task of American writers is to recapture that glorious uniqueness.

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jimmy grace said...

Only astronauts escape the globe, dude.